Season 2 of Brotherly Love consists of 14 episodes.

The season premiered on November 29, 2020

Plot overview

Two twin brothers (Marquan & Massey Pierce) live in New York with their parents (Vivica A. Fox & Duane Martin) and have crazy adventures with their neighbor Nadine (Alaya Kemp); In Season 2, Tasha gets pregnant and give birth to a boy.



  • Marquan Pierce as Logan Hatcher
  • Massey Pierce as Lucas Hatcher
  • Alaya Kemp as Nadine
  • Vivica A. Fox as Tasha Wade-Hatcher
  • Duane Martin as Duane Hatcher


  • Kirianna Isaac as Jada McKenney
  • Telma Hopkins as Estelle Hatcher
  • Damien & Dimitri Neal as Omega Hatcher
  • Carl Anthony Payne ll as Principal Allen Cassidus
  • Cedric Yarbrough as Coach Brooks
  • Noel St. Bassick as Eric


  • Camron Wesfield as Lamar Hatcher

Theme song & cast changes

  • The theme song has been longer but just added Nadine on the phone.
  • Alaya Kemp was added to the main cast.
  • This is the last season to feature Massey Pierce as Lucas Hatcher
  • Lucas's replacement, Lamar appears in the Season 2 finale after Lucas left. He appeared with his mom (played by Gabrielle Union).


01. Texting with Lies

02. The New Grade

03. This Christmas

04. Game On!

05. Twins & Twins

07. Take Me to the Club

08. Yes, Mom?

09. Birth of a Hatcher (Part 1)

10. Welcome Home (Part 2)

11. New Dog

12. The Kings of Cuzmatato

13. Your New Treehouse

14. Goodbye Lucas (Part 1)

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